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About Us

  Emokit is the emotion reading engine developed by Emokit Technology Co. Ltd., which aims at providing accurate, smooth, powerful and easy accessible emotion recognizing and content matching services.

  every one of us is generating more and more physiological data every minute, like pace, heart rate, breath, voice, etc. Therefore, Emokit is dedicated to analyzing mega physiological data generated by users, determining emotions according to the analyzing reports and connecting them with relevant Internet content. Apple has HomeKit , HealthKit and ResearchKit, so our EmoKit hopes to be a Kit of all WearRoms and build a new generation of Internet entrance after mobile Internet.

  As we know, everyone has both IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient). Then, how about AI (Artificial Intelligence)? Does it also need EQ4AI (Emotional Quotient for AI)? Because man needs AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify his or her own emotion for more comfortable services, and more importantly we need AI to build it self-motivation and self-control based on emotions.

  Our team focuses on developing the best emotion reading technology and the universal content matching algorithm in the world. We are committed to providing the emotion reading engine for developers and users by integrating the technologies of physical sign analyzing, Human nerve science, DM(Data Mining),machine learning, physical analysis, etc. We make emotion reading technology serve us quietly and make the information content matched more considerately in the form of supplying the local SDK, cloud API and industry-customized products with intellectual property.

  Our Logo
  Meaning: insight, open
  Image: an albatross with spreading swings

  Our Uniqueness
  Mission: to make our heart freer and tougher
  Vision: we will turn Zombie Machine into Baymax.
  Purposes: to make ourselves feel good, make our partners feel good and make the world feel good

  Do different!
  Follow nature!
  Respect humanity!